Isaac Baron Wins Second Super MILLION$ Title


Айзек БаронIsaac Baron joined an elite group of GGPoker players who have won the Super MILLION$ more than once after taking down the 40th edition of the high stakes event. Baron won this tournament in September 2020 and is now a multiple winner, having topped a star-studded field of 204 entrants in this week’s tournament.

WSOP Main Event champion Damian Salas was the first player out of the door despite sitting down sixth in chips. Salas decided to flat-call the min-raise from “25th Baam” with pocket jacks, which invited a squeeze from “Beast2018!” who held ace-king. 25th Baam folded, but Salas jammed 40 big blinds into the middle, and Beast2018! called. An ace on the flop and turn saw Salas bow out in ninth-place for $51,556.

Seventh place and the last five-figure prize of the evening went to Russia’s Gleb Tremzin. 7Ingls7 min-raised with king-queen of clubs before calling when Tremzin three-bet all-in for 4.3 big blinds with jack-eight of diamonds. King-high was enough to take down the pot, and Tremzin busted.

25th Baam, the first Japanese player to reach the Super MILLION$ final table, was the next player out of the door. The Far East player pinned their hopes on jack-ten of spades for a shade under 15 big blinds after Baron had opened the preflop betting. Baron called with ace-four. Baron survived a scare because 25th Baam flopped an open-ended straight draw, but an ace on the river was more than enough to bust the Japanese star in third.

Baron took an 11,978,928 to 8,386,072 chip lead into the heads-up battle against start-of-the-day chip leader Volkmann. The one-on-one clash only lasted a couple of hands before Baron secured the top prize.

Volkmann raised to 322,000 with eight-seven, and Baron called with the ace-nine. Both players flopped a pair, Baron an ace and Volkmann an eight. Baron check-raised a 169,750 continuation bet to 679,000, and Volkmann called. A king on the turn was greeted with a check from Baron, a bet of 1,344,420 from Volkmann, and a Baron call. The nine of hearts completed the board, gifting Baron two pair. Baron checked again, Volkmann shoved 5,159,214 into the 4,725,840 pot, and Baron snapped him off.

A runner-up finish and $318,042 for Volkmann, and a second Super MILLION$ title plus $412,449 for Baron.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Isaac Baron Mexico $412,449
2 Bruno Volkmann Brazil $318,042
3 25th Baam Japan $245,244
4 Pablo Silva Brazil $189,109
5 Beast2018! Canada $145,823
6 7ingls7 Estonia $112,444
7 Gleb Tremzin Russia $86,706
8 Nator Mexico $66,860
9 Damian Salas Argentina $51,556

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