Currently e have 3 Israeli networks (with Turkish, Greek and Cyprus playes in them). These are  Poker100 (used-to-be poker666 in non-distant past), Goldpokerpro and newcomer is Smilepoker. Let’s see who is playing in them, what is the traffic of our players and how do they do.

We should probably begin with Poker100, the traffic was reduced there in previous 3-4 months due to many players leaving for the better software of Goldpokerpro and failing atempt to enter the new software of their own  Poker666 (the brand used to be called that). There were 15 people from us who regularly cashed out thousands and tens of thousand dollars. They were bum hunting, playing short stacks. Now traffic is two times lower. But the positive dynamic is saving. The stakes are 5-10 dollars in Omaha and Texas.

Goldpokerpro is currently the frontrunner of Israeli market, good action is available in evenings and at the most expensive stakes. It’s an excellent place for those who likes to play without HUDs e.t.c. Software by  Connective Games and positive dynamic of the winnings make this room an attractive place for poker pros. The stakes reach 10-25 in Omaha and Texas.

Smilepoker is the new room in this company and the owner will soon get Malta license. The stakes reach 3-6 euros, software by Connective. There is nothing special about this room but 80-90 players online.