(10.08.2018) Ivan Leow Wins the Triton Poker Super High Roller


Ivan Leow

Ivan Leow

Ivan Leo won in the most expensive tournament of the Triton Poker series . The buy-in of this event was RUB6,000,000. In the tournament took paert 20 players and nine of them took advantage of the re-enter option. For his victory player from Malaysia received $ 1,134,000. This is his second victory in the last two weeks. He also took part in the RUB3,000,000 High Roller tournament, but then he became a bubble boy. He is rightfully considered one of the best players in Malaysia.

The second place was taken by the German player Abraham Passet, who moved to Cambridge 3 years ago and started playing poker more seriously. His prize was $ 740,880.

Final Result RUB6,000,000 Triton Poker Super High Roller Sochi

Place Winner Country Prize (in RUB) Prize (~ in USD)
1 Ivan Leow Malaysia 72,000,000 $1,134,000
2 Abraham Passet Germany 47,040,000 $740,880
3 Wai Leong Chan Malaysia 30,000,000 $472,500
4 Manig Loeser Germany 8,000,000 $283,500

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