Jack Hardcastle Wins the WPT Montreal Main Event at partypoke


ХардкаслUnited Kingdom’s Jack Hardcastle became the latest poker player to join the exclusive WPT Champions Club after he came out on top of a field of 888 entrants to win the WPT Montreal $3,200 Main Event at partypoker for his biggest poker tournament cash to date of $447,859.

Hardcastle is one of poker’s latest success stories with one big online poker tournament score after another in recent months. Less than a month ago, he managed his previous biggest score in his poker career at the time after he finished in fourth place after agreeing to a four-way deal at the final table in the PokerStars Blowout Series: $109 NLHE – The Big Blowout! to win $270,764.

The WPT Montreal is typically held at the popular Playground Poker Club but for obvious reasons was held online this year for the first time at partypoker. This fact wasn’t lost on Hardcastle who is known to not only be one of poker’s sharpest minds but also a quick wit as well.

“I’m so good that I managed to win WPT Montreal without leaving my house,” Hardcastle said on Facebook to his friends after the win.

The heads-up action began with Hardcastle holding about twice as many chips as Chamas. Hardcastle extended his lead and seemed to be cruising to victory before Chamas doubled up to bring the stacks close after jamming against Hardcastle with a gutshot straight draw and two counterfeited over-cards which were counterfeited) and getting there.

Chamas was unable to gain momentum and was eliminated in second place after two failed bluffs against Hardcastle. Although Chamas wasn’t able to claim the title, he did walk away with a healthy runner-up payout of $308,703 for his valiant effort.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jack Hardcastle United Kingdom $447,859
2 Rayan Chamas Canada $308,703
3 Daniel Shak Canada $212,459
4 Felix Daniel Schulze Austria $139,164
5 Andrei Kriazhev Germany $95,673
6 Charles Chattha United Kingdom $74,119
7 Jakob Miegel Austria $58,650
8 Marcel Kunze Germany $46,685
9 Upeshka De Silva Mexico $37,024

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