(17.08.2019) Jason Mercier Wins Record $50K High Roller at SHRPO


Джейсон Мерсье

Jason Mercier took first place in the SHPRO Highrollers Tournament in Hollywood. This tournament has 41 entries and prize for the first place was $715,860. Jason’s wife, Natasha, is now 7 months pregnant. Ironically, two years ago she was also seven months pregnant when Jason won the $25K High Roller in the same series before he decided to focus on the family and raising the child.

“I won a lot of hands that I shouldn’t have won, just because of the size of the stack. I had more than half the chips when there were 7 people left in the game, so I played with a huge number of hands and used my advantage. But I also got good hands, so I could collide with the alyns when I was on the big blind and those hands won.

2019 SHRPO $50K High Roller Official Results

Place Player Country Payout
1st Jason Mercier United States $715,860
2nd Franklin Fok United States $457,355
3rd Tom Boivin Belgium $288,330
4th Giuseppe Iadisernia Venezuela $198,850
5th Manig Loeser Germany $139,195
6th Sam Sweilem United States $109,370
7th Albert Daher Lebanon $79,540

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