Joon Park Wins After Deal in LSPS Champions Texas State Main Event


Джун ПакThe booming success that was the Lone Star Poker Series Inaugural $1,300 Texas State Main Event has come to its conclusion after an epic Day 3 of action which saw 17 players play down to a champion. While one did emerge in Joon Park, that came after a three-handed deal that secured $195K-plus for everyone involved.

The 29-year-old South Korea native attended the University of Texas and now calls the Lone Star State home, residing in Austin. He is normally a pot-limit Omaha cash game player, but this victory certainly puts his name on the map as a serious hold’em tournament player as he bested a field of 1,818 in the highly anticipated event.

Other deal-makers involved were Nick Shkolnik and Gabriel Andrade. The latter got $195,955 while the former actually took the most money in the deal at $257,170. However, there was still $30K left to play for and he’d wind up in third while Park added that sum to his $241,429 upon beating Andrade. After some all-in flips, Shkolnik busted in third to leave Park versus Andrade for the title which Park won in a matter of moments, using his big stack to finish off the victory.

Final Table Results:

  1. Joon Park – $271 429*
  2. Gabriel Andrade – $195 955*
  3. Nick Shkolnik – $257 170*
  4. Jared Hemingway – $104 375
  5. Mike Wang – $79 875
  6. Robert Wright – $61 375
  7. Christopher Doan – $45 375
  8. Kevin Kaylor – $34 375
  9. Shawn Rice – $26 000

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