Juan Pardo Kicks Off EPT London with £10,200 Mystery Bounty Victory


Juan Pardo
Juan Pardo has kicked off his PokerStars European Poker Tour London in style, after claiming victory in the £10,200 Mystery Bounty for £80,280. Pardo topped the 56-entry field after he defeated Henrik Hecklen in heads-up play on the very first hand.

Pardo would end up accumulating a total payday of roughly £240,000 after picking up eight bounty prizes on the event’s final day.

Pardo entered the day with a top-ten chip count but never really cemented his place in the tournament until the bounty portion of the day began. It was announced that there would be two £50,000 bounties up for grabs as the top prize and Pardo laid his hands on the first one after an early knockout.

I’ve only played three or four mystery bounty tournaments before and I’ve never hit the top prize,” Pardo said after his victory. Not only did Pardo pull one of the top prizes, he in fact drew both of them. Along with six other bounties, Pardo’s treasure chest accumulated to roughly £160,000 when all was said and done. “It’s crazy that I hit both of them and won around £240,000 when first place was around £80,000.”

It was a mind-blowing performance from Pardo that he even admitted was one of the craziest final tables that he’s ever been a part of. “We played seven-handed for so long, the short stacks kept doubling and doubling. And then in 30 minutes, we were heads-up. I ran very good at the end.”

£10,200 Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize (GBP)
1st Juan Pardo Spain £80,280
2nd Henrik Hecklen Denmark £52,640
3rd Erik Seidel United States £38,160
4th Bruno Volkmann Brazil £28,950
5th Jamil Wakil Canada £22,370
6th Pedro Garagnani Brazil £17,110
7th Rodrigo Sirichuk Brazil £13,160
8th Pablo Brito Silva Brazil £10,530



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