Jungleman & ElkY Engaged in $150K Fitness Prop Bet


Elky Jungleman
Poker is filled with prop bets. One of those involved Michael Noori trying to eat $1,000 worth of McDonald’s food over a 36-hour period, a rather unhealthy undertaking. Several other popular bets have gone the other way encouraging the participants to get healthy. Now, details have emerged regarding another health-inspired prop bet between two of the biggest names in poker.

The latest fitness bet is between Dan “Jungleman” Cates and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier. The terms are simple – they have six months to get down to a certain body fat percentage. For Cates, he has to get to 12 percent while ElkY must get to 14 percent given he started a little higher. The bet, which is halfway done and ends in February, is for $150,000, meaning if one of them makes the mark and the other does not, the loser will owe the other $150K. If neither of them makes it, or if both do, then it’s a wash.

This past summer Cates started at 18 percent body fat while Grospellier was at 24.5 percent. Thus far, the former has lost 17lbs and while the latter has lost 20 lbs. The bet is just the latest between the duo, who in the past have bet on who can do the most pushups, longest plank, and who can run the fastest uphill mile.

“I want to get in shape, challenge ourselves and ideally make it fun,” Cates told PokerNews. “I chose to do the bet with ElkY because I know he will be honorable and even reasonable during the bet, given experience and because he isn’t an athlete so I can have a chance myself.”

Grospellier added: “Dan is an extremely motivated person, and he wants to inspire others, which I completely get behind the idea. Also, we previously made fitness bets which both helped us get in shape, so he was the perfect partner for this fitness bet. After the bet, I want to go even lower, and hopefully maintain around 12 percent for the rest of my life.”

As for the $150K bet, it seemed the right amount.

“It’s an amount which seems motivating enough for both Dan and me,” said ElkY. “In a perfect world, we should have enough motivation without financial incentive – or more like counter-incentive in this case – but this amount will make sure we stick to our plan/goal. I see it as everything being connected. Physical health, mental health, well-being, focus, longevity, and ability to perform at the highest level. So, this achievement will be the first step in my journey towards being the best version of myself.”



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