Whats new in american poker room Kingsclubpkr?


Kingsclubpkr has recently seen a significant increase in traffic, as have many other poker rooms. A distinctive feature of the poker room is the presence of not the most popular types of poker: Mixed games, Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, Pineapple Open Face 2-7, PL Omaha Hi-Lo 5 Card and Limit Hold’em. However, here you can find good action in NLH and classick PLO.



Kingsclubpkr is a closed poker room where you can register by invitation. The game are running is in American dollars. At the moment we provide access as well as pay rakeback.

The most popular game here is 5 card omaha. The total number of players during peak hours is 300-400 people. Due to the fact that Kingsclubpkr has significantly increased the number of active players, you can find 2-3 weak recreational players at the tables.

If you want to start playing in this poker room, you should contact our manager via Skype, Telegram or by email.

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