(18.07.2019) Kingsclubpkr is a private American poker club with expensive cash games.



We are pleased to announce that the deal at the American poker club Kingclubpkr has been renewed. Now our players have the opportunity to get access to the private reservation with an expensive cash games. The main pool of Kingsclubpkr players is made up of wealthy amateurs who prefer expensive mix games, Omaha in various variants and Chinese poker.

Traffic overview

The games at Kingsclubpkr are played in USD. The largest number of players falls on the early morning of European time. During the peak hours the number of players can reach up to 200 people. It is worth noting that during the day in Europe at the tables of Kingsclubpkr will be an average of 100 players.

The most popular tables in the room is a 5-card Omaha in high and lo variations. In the most active hours of this kind of poker can be opened from 10 tables on blinds $5/10.

No less popular tables in Kingsclubpkr on limit Mix games. Mainly in the lobby you can find up to 10 tables. Almost everyone is on the limit of $30/60.  For player who prefer Chinese poker OFC there are tables at rates from $1 to $20 per point.

Kingsclubpkr is one of the few places on the Internet with a game at high limits on omaha, mix games and OFC with quite weak field. This poker room is ideal for medium and high limit players. We provide not only exclusive access to this private club, but also pay rakeback.

To find out more about this deal, please contact us at Skype or by email.


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