The Asia-Poker team helps in the fight against coronavirus in the Philippines.


We are glad to report, that the team of Asia-Poker is providing humanitarian assistance in the fight against coronavirus in the Philippines. We collected and donated food packages, testing equipment, and medical supplies to local authorities and medical organizations.

Covid19 PhilippinesPhilippines is a third world country with a payment low-quality medical system, access to which most of the population does not have. Philippino government imposed quarantine on March 17 for protect the country from a pandemic in advance, first until April 14, and then extended until April 30 inclusive. Here some of conditions of quarantine: districts of cities and provinces was blocked, only one family member has the right to leave the house with a special quarantine pass, and at night a curfew was imposed.

Covid19 test

By the way the measures taken have shown their effectiveness. 2 weeks after the start of quarantine, the number of identified patients per day really decreased to one hundred, or even less. But unfortunately, quarantine measures are hard on the local population, who need support in difficult times.  There were also reports of a lack of packages for testing on Covid-19, and personal protective equipment for medical personnel.

Our team was glad to help in needed on hard times.

Stay safe, everyone.


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