(10.10.2018) The best poker rooms for the Full Ring players in 2018.


It’s no secret that the most popular cash games format is 6-max. Perhaps the main reason for this is that most players like to play in a more aggressive style. Despite the crazy popularity of short tables, older formats such as Full Ring still exist. Let’s look at the best poker rooms to play for 9-MAX tables and analyze why you can be won there.

full ring positions

full ring positions

Most regular players are aware that 6-MAX tables are much more than Full Ring. Based on this, the overwhelming majority of beginners are taken to learn strategies for playing the short table. Thus, in the same poker room, the strong regulars at the Full Ring tables will be less than in 6-max. It is worth noting that to some extent it is even easier to play for the 9-MAX table, because of the tight game of the opponents.

The best rooms for playing at Full Ring tables.

This tab shows the average number of tables on weekdays in October 2018:

Poker room Full Ring Tables Review
Pokermaster 70+ Read
Pokerking Asia 40+ Read
PPPoker 20+ Read
Pokerspades 10+ Read

The absolute leader in the number of tables is Pokermaster. Compared to other applications in this poker room, the most of all action for 8 or 9-MAX tables. The main feature of which is the presence of ante or straddle. Almost at every table you can find 2-3 fairly weak players.

In second place is the increasingly popular application Poker♠King Asia. Here you can also easily find a good action at almost all limits. Most traffic at the tables is 5/10 – 20/40 yuan (NL150 $ -NL600 $).

PPPoker takes the third place in the number of tables. Most clubs have from 2 to 5 Full Ring tables at each limit. This application is perfect for players of micro and medium limits. The main game here takes place at stakes from NL30 $ to NL600 $. However, there are clubs in which open tables NL1K $ and higher.

Asian app Pokerspades closes our ranking. There are not many tables here, but in reality there are quite a lot of recreational players. In practice, this poker room can be connected as an extra. The game can be found from NL30 $ up to NL1k $.


Of course we can say that despite the total domination of short tables, poker players have the option to choose Full Ring. This poker format is ideal for beginners or for those players who like the more measured and accurate game. If you can wait for good hands, then 9-MAX tables can be an excellent option for you.

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

Poker♠King is a Chinese poker application for mobile devices.

PPPOKER is a mobile poker application that is absolutely accessible to all players. To get access to real money games, a system of conditional (playmoney) chips is used here.

Pokerspades is a new independent Asian poker room.

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