Small history about Chinese Poker and whether he is alive now?


Once again, I decided that I would write a useful article, as well as one half for myself.

Chinese poker

This game appeared a long time ago and in the first version looked like an endless distribution of fantasy in the current rules. Everyone is dealt 13 cards from which you need to decompose the strongest combinations on three streets. Skill need quite a bit, intuitive classifications were absolutely correct.

Small history about Chinese Poker and whether he is alive now?

Small history about Chinese Poker and whether he is alive now?

It took about two years and then was a so-called Chinese Poker Open-Face, this game really has been skill, and i am not sure that anyone solved it until end. The difference between the current version of pineapple consisted in the fact that revealed one card.

And a little later, himself came pineapple, which has become a truly massive game. In this game played out and played in the millions of dollars around the world. The most famous player in this game is a Sergei Rybachenko , who played in the Las Vegas at rates up to 1000 dollars per point.


The rules set out  here .

Play classic Chinese Poker you can in the websites  on PokerDom , FullpotPoker , and in the progressive pineapple on Lianzhong Poker .

I add from myself that even now, with the right game you can gain an advantage of up to 0.5 per game jackpot when playing against an opponent and experienced enough to 1st jackpot against ordinary regulars of this game. They say further that somewhere in the basement of humming servers that continue to count all the moves in the Pineapple -).


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