Man arrested for stealing $1 million from poker pro Chad Power


Чад Пауэр
Las Vegas Police have arrested a man accused of stealing about $1 million in cash and chips from a high-stakes poker pro.

According to the local NBC affiliate, authorities responded to a reported home invasion on Feb. 10 where the victim claimed that two men broke into his home and stole his safe, which contained a seven-figure sum.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the victim was Chad Power, a regular in nosebleed-stakes cash games with $610,094 in tournament earnings as well. Power is likely most well-known for his deep run in the 2015 World Series of Poker main event, where he finished 26th for $262,574.

Power told Police that he thought he was followed from the Las Vegas Strip to his home in Henderson. The two men then waited for him to leave before breaking into his home.

32-year-old Brock Brewer was arrested and is facing several felony charges including Burglary With a Deadly Weapon and Conspiracy Home Invasion. He already has three prior felony convictions.

Power’s home security system showed a man that resembled Brewer and another man, alleged to be Trevaghn Battle, a known associate of Brewer’s, breaking into the back of Power’s house. The two men entered the house and left shortly after with one of them carrying the safe. Battle has not yet been arrested or charged with a crime.

Upon exiting, they lowered their masks enough for their faces to be identified. Police reviewed Power’s security footage and then compared it to videos of similar crimes involving professional gamblers.

Authorities were able to identify Brewer from a 2006 robbery where Brewer was arrested. Police said that the man from the 2006 incident matches Brewer’s description. In that case, Brewer followed a poker player home and stole $15,000 in cash and chips.

Brewer’s phone records also placed him near Power’s place of residence on the date of the robbery. He was connected to the purchase of two new car purchases in the last few months that were bought in cash and registered in his mother’s name. His next court appearance is June 1.


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