Pokermaster is still great, but the new apps Poker♠King and PokerWorld show up at the market.


We can’t say for sure whether Poker♠King is related somehow to extravagant figure of Paul Fua, but this website got itself the good name in a short span of time. 100 tables simulteniously are played there, but it’s hard to find the game at stakes higher than 100-200 Hold’em. Short stack tables have rocket high stakes though.

Poker King

Poker King

Pokerworld is the similar website with the one club and much lower stakes. The field is really really great there. However, there are plenty of weak opponents at the tables. Currently the major stakes are 1/2 to 20/40 yuan. The best time for play is evenings at word days Beijing time.



Both of these websites have direct cashier as their feature, and that is some advantage as it provides with quite a stream of fish. Unfortunately, there are usual pitfalls to this beautiful picture – as operations with direct credit card deposits are there, this automatically means that the website is illegal and is probably watched by the regulating authotities.

Do we personally advise you play there? That’s some question, as PokerMaster field toughened (still kicking, but…) and lots of players are looking for a new place. The only problem is in that we can’t have security of your money or opportunity to win at Poker♠king guaranteed by us. But we can guaranteed your money at PokerWorld.

Best of luck in life and at the tables anyway!

Poker♠King is a Chinese poker application for mobile devices.

Poker World is a game platform for playing online poker.

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