(21.02.2019) New asian application Red Dragon Poker.


Red Dragon

Red Dragon

Red Dragon Poker is a Chinese application that is a partner of Pokerstars. This poker room is designed for playing with mobile devices, however players have the opportunity to play on a PC through an emulator. As in other poker rooms of this type, in order to play several tables you need to use several accounts.

The main differences of Red Dragon.

The main difference is that in this application, in addition to the cash games, there are MTT and SNG tournaments. Also, at the tables there are very soft games at low and medium limits.

How to play?

In order to start playing in this application you need to contact us via email or Skype. We will provide a working account. Even for those players who have never played in Chinese applications before it will be quite easy to understand the work of the game client. Unlike some other Chinese applications of this type, this application has the English version of the client.

Red Dragon Poker has tables for Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and 6+ Hold’em. At the moment, from 80 to 120 active tables are playing here. Most hold’em tables are played with straddles.

Ped Dragon Poker is a new chinese application with recreational palyers.

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