Let’s begin with stats:

The term we work with the room: 14 months.
Number of players: 600 players.
Deposit amounts: about 500К, total cash out amounts 1 million$.

The numbers speak for themselves. For 10 years of existence  Lianzhong only functioned on inside market and a year and a half ago. Pokermonster went to European markets. It offers several disciplines – NLH Holdem, OFC, ALLIN-FOLD (push-fold games). Omaha should be added in March.

Currently the play at stakes 2.5-5$ and 10-20$ is available almost 24hours a day for several days a week. Also Push-gold games with stacks of up to $200 are available.

Rakeback is at 23% to 45% and it reduces a rather serious rake load. The clear advantage of the room is in that 50-60% of the players are Chinese who play all the games.

New tournaments with solid guaranteed money is a great news:

Some of the tournaments are overlays. On March 12, for instance, 100K tournament in terms of Spring Billions promotion!

Beginning of the tournament — March, 12  14-30 MSK.

Buy-in — 32 million gold chips (about $350)

Starting stack — 6 thousand chips.

Blind level — 12 minutes.

Prize fund — 10 billion Gold Chips ( about 100 thousand dollars)

Good luck, enjoy your play at Asia-poker!



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