14.07.2016 New game in LIAZONG POKER network!

New game in LIAZONG POKER network

New game in LIAZONG POKER network

Room PokerMonstr is a skinnable LIAZONG POKER network and presents you a game based on Texas Hold’em which name is All in Fold» . The game is a mix of the cash games and sit-end-go, and should be easile calculate. Currently available around the clock with buy-in limits to $ 100. You can read abou this game in this thread: http://www.gipsyteam.ru/profile/Gellemar/forumtopics.

Playing in LIAZONG POKER you get a large number of weak players and highest rakeback. To register and get acquainted with all the rules of the game on LIAZONG POKER website, you can follow this link https://asia-poker.com/online-poker/lianzhong-poker/


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