(05.10.2018) Natural8 has added new regular tournaments 金龙 Golden Dragon.


金龙 Golden Dragon

金龙 Golden Dragon

Players who are looking for action-packed tournaments with hefty rewards? Golden Dragon Series is the answer which will be held at Natural8.  Golden Dragon 金龙 guarantees up to ¥8,888,888 ( is about 1.28 mln $ )  every month!

Enjoy tournaments daily, Chinese-style, with deep stacks, 8-max tables, and unique blind structures, and dip into the huge 金龙 prize. Check out the details for 金龙 Series tournaments and satellites below.

金龙 Golden Dragon Tournament Details

Event NameDayTime(UTC+08:00)Buy-inGuarantee
金龙 Bounty ¥525MON19:30¥525¥98000
金龙 Deepstack ¥33021:30¥330¥72800
金龙 Deepstack ¥550TUE19:30¥550¥108000
金龙 6-Max ¥33021:30¥330¥72800
金龙 ¥220WED19:30¥220¥72800
金龙 Bounty ¥52521:30¥525¥118000
金龙 6-Max ¥550THU19:30¥550¥118000
金龙 Deepstack ¥33021:30¥330¥72800
金龙 Bounty ¥525FRI19:30¥525¥108000
金龙 ¥33021:30¥330¥78000
金龙 Turbo ¥22023:00¥220¥46800
金龙 ¥1100SAT19:30¥1100¥208000
金龙 Bounty ¥52521:30¥525¥108000
金龙 6-Max Turbo ¥22023:00¥220¥46800
金龙 Bounty ¥210SUN15:00¥210¥46800
金龙 ¥55019:30¥550¥138000
金龙 Deepstack ¥55021:30¥550¥128000

For those players who cannot afford to play in tournaments directly, there is an opportunity to qualify through satellites that will pass every half hour.


Natural8  is one of the best and biggest representatives of  GG Network. To attract new players, this poker room is sponsors the following famous players: Xuan Liu, Kitty Kuo, Dong Kim.

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