About specialties of asian network LIANZHONG (POKERMONSTER)


Hi everyone, this is a post about Chinese network Lianzhong (Pokermonster); it starts the section of our website called Blog.

We should say that we have a very narrow specialization. As regular user of our web site might recall, we’ve been offering just few web sites, which where exclusive. We still offer something that is rarely seen elsewhere, and even when it is executes some places else, that often happens with me (Sergey Gellemar, asia-poker.com CEO) taking part in it. We don’t just look for some accidental visitors to give away 100 dollars to try playing, than in our turn trying to withdraw it somehow – we don’t do that. I personally know most of the owners and have they phone numbers, I know how to get the response from the very top.

We make major offers only when we know the client personally and he has some recommendations. The fact that I live in Asia for many years now and work in Sunset system – the biggest provider (or junket operator, as they’re called in Russia) helps with that.

So here are some words of Lianzhong (aka as Pokermonster on European market). The first thing one has to realize – this is a very old company with almost 10 years of operating. Then – it is a part of corporation Ourgame, which owns the brand WPT, other stuff and is listed on stock market. If I’m not mistaken, even Ipoker and semi-legal WPN don’t have their own stocks. In addition to that, the guys are directly connected with poker club network PokerKing, which belongs to poker businessman, sportsbook and super highroller Winfred Yu. Yep, the one who played on the same TV screens with Paul Phua, Richard Yong and other Chinese highrollers who played at stakes that high, that even Bobby’s room in Bellagio seemed nothing serious.

These are the specialties which characterize the game on Lianzhong (Pokermonster):
1. Macao Chinese tef is a freaking clever calling station nazi.
2. High rake.
3. Crazy tourists.
4. Not all the players win.

Here are the details – everyone knows that Macao is Mekka of Asian gambling world. It is beautiful, great e.t.c. The field is not the sweetest though. I can easily name several pro players who were totally destroyed there. Not all the voyages are able to bring profit even to top regulars. The style of play of local Chinese regulars is awfully tight calling station who play on tells and collect nuts more often than they should or so it seems. Win at showdown is awful there, one might read Teddy KGB’s posts of his latest voyage to Macao for APT series. I don’t know why is it so, it just is. While many top regs are certain they would beat this game with their eyes shut, I happily agree but have deep doubts inside. They must beat it. But it is often happens otherwise on practice.

The situation on Pokermonster fully reflects the offline events, where everyone waits the miracle of immideate win. But the stats show otherwise. Only 3 out of 10 regs of the middle and high stakes win, and their runs cover the losses of the losing players. I fully understand the ones who lose – the software is unknown, there is no certainty in integrity of the room, and the doubts start to grow after they lose 3-4-5 stacks lost. As there are no guarantees, it seems like it’s a good time to run away from unfair software. Those who are on a good run rarely leave, calling stations almost never abandon their cards to the river so the pots are usually bigget than usual. The variance is bigger as well, I believe, though I am not an expert. At least several people won 5-digit amounts there and the number upfront was not 1. Several people lost their initial deposits and left with not the best thoughts in their minds.

My partners program has 5-digit amount profit and the first number in the amount is not 1 either so the Chinese partners take additional withdrawal fee from me.

But it’s up to you whether to play or not to play. The only thing I may reassure you in is that reliability here is 9/10 (if 10/10 is PokerStars). And the game is integral – I am 98% certain.


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