(20.09.2018) October promotion $100,000 Hold’em Chase at asian poker room Natural8.


Natural8 is excited to announce new promotion for the month of October: The $100,000 Hold’em Chase. Participating in the $100,000 Hold’em Chase couldn’t be any easier. Play at any of our Hold’em Cash Game Tables to earn Chase Points, regardless of blinds ➞ Hit the Chase Milestones ➞ Win instant cash prizes.

$100,000 Hold'em Chase

$100,000 Hold’em Chase

What is up for grabs?

As the name clearly states Natural8 are giving away a whopping $100,000 across the board, with $10,500 going to the 1st place finisher.

How do I earn Chase Points?

Chase points will be awarded for every hand you are dealt at our Hold’em Cash Game Tables accordingly:

Blinds Points / Hands Dealt
$100 / $200 710
$50 / $100 650
$25 / $50 458
$5 / $10 190
$3 / $6 125
$2 / $4 90
$1 / $2 48
$0.5 / $1 25
$0.1 / $0.25 7
$0.05 / $0.1 3

What are the Chase Milestones?

The Chase Milestones are as below, with the corresponding Prize Amount and # of Prizes:

Prize Amount Chase Milestone # of Prizes
$ 7,500 11mn 1
$ 2,500 5mn 15
$ 400 1.2mn 75
$ 100 350k 250

Keep in mind that the number of prizes up for grabs is finite, so its first come, first serve. Strap on your seatbelts, rev up your engines, and brace yourself for a wild ride!


Natural8  is one of the best and biggest representatives of  GG Network. To attract new players, this poker room is sponsors the following famous players: Xuan Liu, Kitty Kuo, Dong Kim.

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