Every year, playing poker with mobile devices is becoming more popular. Most of the major poker rooms have already released their mobile apps for iOS and Android. At the moment, the choice is so diverse that it is difficult to find a suitable place for the game. In the overwhelming majority of cases, you will be met by very bad compositions at the tables, hiding behind the mask of highly technological software. You’re lucky if you get a game with one fishy player against 5 regs. Nevertheless, on the expanses of the boarding school, there are still places with an impressive number of weak players. On one of these places, we will tell you in this review.

PPPOKER is a mobile poker application that is absolutely accessible to all players. To get access to real money games, a system of conditional (playmoney) chips is used here. This way, allows Asian players to get access to real money games. For fans of expensive cash games, this poker room can become the main, especially since the presence of weak players is impressive.



Network: Independent
Country: China
License: No
Deposit/Cash out methods: via agent
Cash out terms: Amounts of  $1k or less are withdrawn instantly online, up to 5k – within 24 hours, 5k or more – within 72 hours.
Basic stakes: 1-2$ to 5-10$ NL Hold’em, PL Omaha.
Software quality: 7 out of 10 ( Desktop, IOS. Android)
Play available: 24/7.
Accounts created: via agent
Website: PPPOKER


PPPOKER was originally developed for the game only on mobile devices, which is the main difference from the usual poker rooms. However, there is also a client version for a personal computer. The game client is available in English, Chinese and Russian.

Every day, the amount of traffic on PPPoker is constantly increasing, due to attracting new players from China, Thailand, Singapore and other Asian countries. At peak hours, here you can find 6max tables from NL200 to Nl1K, as well as in PLO from PL 200 to PL1k.

PPPoker charges a fairly low rake, as for the Asian poker room market. (5%, 3 $ CAP) At the moment, the maximum available limit is NL / PL 1000 $, but in the near future higher limits will be added.

Unfortunately, this poker room does not support auxiliary programs, but this is more than offset by a very weak field.

PPPoker CLubs

These are very interesting and proved poker clubs, check the info and write the message directly.

PokerHeroes 6301 1 Chip = 15PHP
Boom kit 8088 1 Chip = 15PHP
Hero Poker 5445 1 Chip = 15PHP
BlackPink 1113888 1 Chip = 1PHP
VOLCANOS 392245 1 Chip = 35PHP
Check-Raice ID 351453 1 Chip = 5 INR
JAIPUR POKER ID 174578 1 Chip = 10 INR
Manala Cream ID 985185 1 Chip = 10 INR
American club

FishPot ID 614009 1 Chip = 1 USD
New clubs

No Nitz ID 910440 1 chip = 1 AUD ( Australian IP)

Sangsom ID 1163588 1 Chip = 1 SGD

GoldFish id 600063 1 Chip = 1 EUR

If you’re willing to try playing on PPPOKER, please, contact us via Skype or e-mail. Our managers will help you with the creating of an account.


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