ShenPoker – is one of the biggest Chinese poker room in the IDNPoker network. Number of users in peak hours can reach up to 6000. Currently, China is experiencing “poker boom”, thus there are many amateurs at the tables. Rakeback at this poker room is 35%!

WE ARE PLEASED TO INTRODUCE THIS POKER ROOM FOR you to play from any place on earth.




Network: IDNPoker
Country: Indonesia, China, Malaysia
License: 1st Cagayan
Deposit/Withdrawal methods: through an agent
Withdrawal: amount to 500$ are output instantly online, up to 5k$ – 24 hours, more than 5k$ – 72 hours.
Number of players during peak hours: 6000
Limits: 0.25 $ -0.5 $, 15 $ -30 $ NLH
Rakeback: 35%
Software quality: 7 out of 10 original just like dollaro
Play available: 24 hours
Creating account method: manually

Rake: 3% no cap

Shenpoker – is one of the best offers at this moment. If you are able to give up the software comfort for good opponents at the tables, then this is a place for you. On average, there are 4-5 thousand connections to this poker room and during the peak hours the number reaches 6 thousand people. You can find game at all stakes up to NL2K. There are several tables of up to NL3K during peak hours. Rakeback at this poker room is 35%!

Restricted Countries:

Recently, IDNPoker network closed for registration players from the  24 countries, but you can use VPN. Accurate information about the prohibition of the game we do not have, but we hope that this is a temporary situation.

1.      USA
2.      Denmark
3.      France
4.      Spain
5.      Romania (WL and SSA combined)
6.      Armenia
7.      Lebanon
8.      North Korea
9.      Iran
10.     Hungary
11.     Portugal
12.     Germany
13.     Ukraine
14.     Ireland
15.     Netherlands
16.     Singapore
17.     UK
18.     Serbia
19.     Poland
20.     Czech Republic
21.     Italy
22.     Estonia
23.     Belgium
24.     Hungary

How to register?

The registration process is quite simple and should not take much of your time. To use Shenpoker website and make correct registration, we recommend using Google Chrome, which works just fine as a translator from Chinese to English with the right button click.

1.Go to website of ShenkPoker


1.1. When you registering several accounts on ShenPoker, you will need every time follow the link > ShenkPoker <

1.2. If you are asked to enter a promo code in the registration form, enter APCRYS

2.Change website language to English and click “REGISTER”.



3. On the next page, change the language and fill the sign up form as on the example image below. Enter random data in the categories of “Bank name”, “Bank account name”, “Bank account number”, “Bank Banch”, “Bank province” After filling out the registration form, click “REGISTER”.



4. If the registration is successful, log into the site. Immediately after logging in you will be prompted to select a 6-digit PIN. This is done for providing security to your account as you will have to enter the pin-code each time when you authorize. Don’t forget it!


5. 5. After confirming the PIN-code you will need to confirm the user rules of poker room ShenkPoker. 5. Again, if desired, by pressing the right mouse button on the web page, you will be able to translate and read the rules.


YOU CAN FIND the stakes of up to NL2k HOLD’EM in THIS POKER ROOM:

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For playing in the poker room ShenPoker, please contact us via Skype or email.


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