Our players in China, new clubs, traffic in Chinese rooms.


That ended the most difficult time for any poker player. The “dead season” has passed. What trends are waiting for us in the new poker season? Not bad imagining the traffic in China and having data on the general traffic of the whole of Europe, I can confidently say that most of the poker train has wrapped up in China and will remain there for a long time. Absence of absurd claims of the security service on verification of documents, delays in payments (from normal agents, of course) makes the game in China very attractive.

Our people in China have play simply phenomenal, every month winnings more and more, as well as the number of players. Won very good money, by any even the most immodest standards. All the winnings were received exclusively in full. A number of new clubs have been added and now we can confidently state that according to the number of clubs our affiliate is simply the best. Showed a good increase in traffic PokerFishs, which hit a significant part of the players with the closed Fightfish.

We are waiting for the wave-like surge in traffic from the autumn, as well as furious battles with the Chinese at the highest limits during the golden weeks. Which will begin in the near future. Macau poker rooms at this time of the year, show a traffic growth of 2-3 times, the same happens in online poker.

And in general, the game finally “sneaks” on public areas. I do not know what’s  up with Party, but for all countries all players going to play in clubs, no one wants to pay more absurdly a big rake on well-known poker platforms. Everyone prefers to play from now in the club systems like in  Pokermaster, Pokerfishs and PPPoker

Based on all that I know, I can say with high probability, in a few years Stars, and Party will go to the past, and poker will go to clubs. Already leaves.
And Party will lose a lot of money on trying to tighten someone to himself. Because their format is good these days, only for MTT.

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

Pokerfishs is a poker application for iOS or Android that will give you the opportunity to play an expensive cash game every day.

PPPOKER is a mobile poker application that is absolutely accessible to all players. To get access to real money games, a system of conditional (playmoney) chips is used here.


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