April 2020: Chinese poker room Panda Poker.


Because of the huge number of online poker platforms, it is difficult to choose a good option. If you have a desire to start playing in the Chinese poker rooms you shoul choice Panda Poker, because its an exccelent option. This poker room is part of the 1Pokerstars network and is one of the most popular platforms in China.

panda poker

panda poker

Panda Poker features in April 2020.

One of the advantages of Panda poker is that there is no club system. All tables are immediately available in the lobby poker room. As with many other poker rooms, the best time to start is 18:00 Chinese time.

The most popular tables are Hold’em’s 9-max. All tables have ante and stradle. Up to 150-200 active tables can be opened here during peak hours. In addition to the classic Holdem, you can find a game of Omaha at 7-max tables.

If you want to start playing Panda Poker, you should contact our manager via Skype. TELEGRAM or by email

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