Panda Poker is one of the Chinese poker applications that is part of the 1Pokerstars network. The existence of several poker rooms has a positive impact on the amount of traffic.




Network: Independent
Country: China
License: No
Deposit/Cash out methods: via agent
Cash out terms: Amounts of  $1k or less are withdrawn instantly online, up to 5k – within 24 hours, 5k or more – within 72 hours.
Basic stakes: 0.3-0.6$ to 15-30$ NL Hold’em.
Software quality: 8 out of 10 ( Desktop, IOS. Android)
Play available: 24/7.
Accounts created: via agent
Link: AndroidIOS

Panda Poker is one of the largest poker applications in China. This poker room is aimed at players from Asian countries. The main pool of players are players from China, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

Most of the game is played at 9-max full ring Hold’em tables. All tables are taken ante and straddle. During peak hours you can find there up to 70 active tables. The game running at limits from 1/2(4) yuan (NL60$) up  to 100/200(200) yuan (NL6k$).
It is worth noting that the high limits will be only up to 2-3 tables.

You can also find Omaha tables in the PandaPoker app. The game is played at 7-max tables on limits 1/2(4) (PLO60$) and 2/4(8) (PLO120$). Each limit has 5 to 10 active tables open during the day.

pandapoker tables

pandapoker tables

In this application is available only the Chinese version. However, for experienced players who have already played in similar applications, it will not be very difficult to adapt. Nevertheless, if you still have difficulties in working with the client, then you can contact us. At the moment, PandaPoker does not support programs for collecting statistics. To our players, we provide assistance in setting up a game application from your personal computer.

Currently, the Asian poker platform PandaPoker offers quite soft field from available today. Most of the traffic consists of Chinese, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines amateur players.

In order to start playing you need to contact our manager by email or Skype.



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