(4.11.2018) Patrick Serda wins tournament at WPT Monreal series.


Patrick Serda

Patrick Serda

Tournament with a buy-in of 5,300 Canadian dollars on the WPT series in Montreal is over. This event was registered by 792 players, and the prize fund amounted to 5,000,000 Canadian dollars. The winner of the tournament was Patrick Serda, who beat Ema Zajmovic in the heads-up. For the first place he received $ 668,388. In case of winning the tournament, for Ema Zaymovich it would have been the second victory in the tournaments of the WPT series. Last year, she became the first woman who win a World Poker Tour tournament. For the second place she received $ 424,893.

“It’s great; it feels a lot better than previous wins. “I’m not really sure why it feels like this but i worked for it more this time around.” Serda told WPT officials after the win. 

In the final hand  Zaymovich raised to 500k and Serda three bet her to 1.6 million. Then Zaymovich responded with a four bet to 3.8 million and Serda call. Flop 7610  both players checked. On the turn comes Ace. Serda played a check-called a bet of 3 million. Dealer put 3 at the River. Serda checked third time and Zajmovic put 8.5 million. Serda thinking a little and call with 75 and this was a good call  because Zajmovich has K9 and missed the board.

WPT Montreal Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize in CAD Prize in USD
1 Patrick Serda Canada C$855,000* $668,388
2 Ema Zajmovic Canada C$556,000 $424,893
3 Sorel Mizzi Canada C$410,000 $313,320
4 Kauvsegan Ehamparam Canada C$305,450 $233,424
5 Upeshka De Silva United States C$230,250 $175,956
6 Jiachen Gong Canada C$175,500 $134,116

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