Landon Tice surrended to Bill Perkins in HU Challenge

Bill Perkins vs Landon Tice

Bill Perkins vs Landon Tice

Professional poker player Landon Tice decided to admit defeat ahead of schedule in the challenge against Bill Perkins, whose total winnings amounted to $ 376,400. Players managed to play a total of 4907 hands in 12 sessions. This is only a fourth of the planned distance, but given the results Landon Tice was forced to end this challenge.

Main info about Perkins Challenge.

It was planned to play 20,000 hands between the players at the $ 200/400 tables. 22-year-old Landon Tice gave Bill Perkins a 9bb / 100 odds. Considering the fact that Tice is not a highroller and is not a heads-up specialist. Before that he played 6-max cash and MTT, and against Perkins he came out with 90% stacking.

Landon Tice’s team decided to suspend the match after the players played a quarter of the distance in 4907 hands. The main reason was the low win rate of 3.25bb / 100. Considering this fact, it was not profitable to continue the challenge.

How much Landon Tice should pay to Bill Perkins?

• Tice managed to win $ 63,720.
• Tice owes Perkins a 9bb / 100 handicap (1bb = $ 400). The hand was played 4907 – the payout is $ 176,400.
• The sidebet between them was $ 200,000 1-to-1 odds.
• Total Tice will pay $ 376,400.


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