27.07.2016 Poker Without Borders with VPN. And also, why poker player need the virtual machine?


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In recent years, poker players are all faced increasingly with the problem of access to poker sites because providers blocking sites or inability to access the site from another country. Our recommended ways to help you not only get access to restricted sites but also to preserve your privacy, what is important in our time.

Become familiar with what is a VPN, you can watch about it in this video.


Here are the different options for bypass blockages.




Special plug-ins for web browsers, allowing to bypass the lock:


  • Hola – Supported browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer
  • Zenmate – supported by the mayor browsers: Chrome
  • friGate – Supported browsers: Chrome, FireFox
  • anonymoX – supported browsers: FireFox
  • Stealthy – supported by the mayor browsers: Chrome and Firefox
  • Mediahint – supported by the mayor browsers: Chrome and Firefox
  • Data Compression Proxy – supported by the mayor browsers: Chrome
  • Data Saver – supported mayor browsers: Chrome


Browsers and the turbo mode


Without installing the plugin, some browsers allow you to regain access to blocked sites standard features.


Yandex Browser – Go to your browser settings. At the bottom of the “Settings” page click “Show advanced settings.” Find the block “Turbo” mode and change the settings to “Always enabled”.


Opera – To activate the turbo mode, click on the button «Opera» in the upper left corner and select the item «Opera Turbo».


Tor – brainchild of the BitTorrent indexer-The Pirate Bay, the browser allows you to visit blocked sites or service providers authorities. Just download and enjoy.



Easy way to bypass the lock without having to download the client or plugin. During the poker room of registration is required to pay particular attention to the marketing code, otherwise you can go without bonuses.

  • Hidemyass
  • ProxFree
  • Hola
  • Webwarper
  • Cameleo
  • Noblock




It allows you to comfortably and anonymously use any resources, but it requires a few minutes to install. Use a VPN on a short time can be free, but for long-term use will need to purchase the required tariff plan.


  • HideMe
  • TunnelBear
  • HotSpotShield
  • Spotflux
  • ruVPN
  • Vemeo

Virtual Machine – your safety is in your hands

Each virtual machine can contain an arbitrary set of virtual devices and a separate operating system. One of the most common programs VirtualBox, you can watch about it in this video.

The advantages for a poker player:

1) With the installation of the virtual machine you thereby exclude the possibility of any contamination of the operating system, which is inside virtual machine even in the case of inoculation of the main axis. Thus, the room, the HM and all that is associated with your poker activity will remain safe even in the event of a real threat to your primary system. I think that there will be not out of place to recall that out of virtual machine need only to play poker. No third-party applications should not be.

2) You get a handy image file to carry, with which you can deploy in a matter of minutes your workstation on any machine that pulls virtualization.

3) Sooner or later, many players are faced with a problem when you need to use the VPN playing poker networks with many weak players. But at the same time it is not possible to use multiple poker rooms using a VPN, for the reason that some poker rooms prohibit the use of VPN services. In this case, the aid comes a virtual machine.


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