(17.02.2017) Poker bot Libratus beat the best players in the heads-up matches!


Entertaining event took place in January this year, when the bot for the first time at the official level, managed to beat professional poker players. In fact, the bot Libratus beats the best of the best heads-up poker player in the world.

Is poker solved?

Apparently, we can say with confidence that the heads-up solution, since the bot Libratus shown winrate 14bb / 100 against a team of professionals , and his total winnings on virtual chips was $ 1766250 at the distance of 120 thousand hands. In the game against the bot, all players have finished with negative profit:

    • Kim Dong -85,649
    • Daniel Macaulay -277 657
    • Jimmy Chow -522 857
    • Jason Wood -880 087

At one time, only Dong Kim had the advantage over Libratus, but eventually also shown negative results. Recall that  2015, a team led by Douglas “WCGRider” Polk ,as well as Dong “DongerKim” Kim Bjorn Lee and Jason Less , for 80 000 hands beat the bot Claudico the total amount of $ 732,713.One of the developers Libratus`a student Noam Brown states that the bots will be able to beat the 6 max within 2 years.


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