Pokerbros is a great alternative to Pokerstars


Playing in classic poker rooms is getting harder every day. The main reason for this is the strengthening of the players, as well as the deterioration of the conditions for the game. Perhaps now is the time to try the game in mobile applications with weaker players and with a great deals. Let’s look at the example of Pokerbros.



The main advantages of playing at PokerBros:

We are currently providing access to clubs on the Pokerbros app. All clubs, without exception pay rakeback which averages 35%.

At Pokerbros clubs you can get a wide variety of games. Here you can find a game for cash players, as well as play tournaments with large prize pools. Some clubs even host series of tournaments.

You can find a game in Pokerbros clubs from the lowest to the highest limits. Deposits from $100 can be made through major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ERC20 USDT, TRC20 USDT.

Most clubs have a guarantee for deposits. Reports and settlements with clubs and players on results and rakeback are held every week.

If you are interested in playing in Pokerbros clubs, then you can contact our manager via skype or telegram.


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