Pokerbros introduces Fixed limit cash games and Kill Pot Feature


Mobile poker application Pokerbros introduces a boost to the action in your Clubs Fixed Limit games with a new special feature Kill Pot. This games availible for Fixed Limit Holdem and Omaha.  Lets take a closer look at this new options.

Pokerbros fixed limits

Pokerbros fixed limits

Pokerbros and Fixed Limit cash games

Such poker format as limit games is considerably inferior to no-limit or pot-limit versions. The main reason is that the dynamics at limit tables are much less. Therefore, finding good action at the limit tables is more difficult. However, limit poker is very popular in the United States. In this regard, Pokerbros decided to add to the game client the possibility to play this type of poker, since quite a large number of citizens from North America play in the application.

Special Feature Kill Pot

Kill Pot feature has been added to make the game of limit games more dynamic.  This option is started in the next hand, immediately after the pot of 8 to 15 BB is played (the size is set by the club owners themselves). During this hand, the blinds on the table are doubled with the betting limits, and the UTG player places a third forced bet of BB.


kill pot

kill pot


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