(6.03.2018) Pokercircle is back!


Most of the players have already heard of Pokermaster, an application that in a relatively short time has managed to gain the trust of high-limit players from around the world. However, this Chinese poker is not the only place where you can play against super recreational players. At the moment, there are more exclusive playgrounds. Meet, PokerCircle.

How to start playing at POKERCIRCLE?

First of all, we strongly recommend that you get acquainted with the full review of this poker site. Read the review of Pokercircle. After that, you should install the Android emulator on your PC, if you plan to play from the computer.

What is PokerCircle?

Briefly, all of the basic functionality is practically an exact copy of Pokermaster. Therefore, for those players who have already played in the master, it will not be difficult to adapt. The basic limits are from 1/ 2CNY (NL30 $) up to 25/50 CNY (NL800 $) NL Holdem. The best time for playing from one o’clock in the afternoon to eight in the evening on MSK. The game at PokerCircle runs on the Chinese Yen (USD $ 1 = 6.5 CNY). Rake is collected only from winning sessions.

PokerCircle is an exclusive poker room with a lot of recreational players.


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