Pokerking Asia is finished to work in US market.


Pokerking Asia has completed its work on the US market. Now the application is available exclusively for Chinese users. However, our players have the opportunity to play in this application. If you want to start playing here, you should contact our manager via Skype or Telegram.

Pokerking Asia

Pokerking Asia

Pokerking Asia is a Chinese poker room that combines the advantages of European and Chinese poker room. It has a rather weak field compared to other Asian apps. Unfortunately, this poker room does not accept European and American players, so there are limited places to play.

Main advantage of Pokerking Asia.

– The game here is played for real money and not on play money chips or gems as in other Asian apps.
– The game client is showed all available gaming tables. There is no other tables by another clubs.
– There are a lot of weak players. This is evidenced by the results of our players.
– In addition to the classic NLH, there is a good 6+ Hold’em game here.


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