(1.12.2018) Pokerking China launch All in or Fold tables.


All in or Fold is a game format in which a player can sit at the table with only a very short stack. The number of blinds for buyin can be from 5 to 10 BB, depending on the poker room. This type of poker makes it possible to generate huge amounts of action, and these tables also attract many recreational players. Usually there are not so many regular players at such tables. Just a few days ago, the Asian application Pokerking China added tables All in or Fold. Let’s take a closer look at the features of Push fold tables in this poker room.

All in or Fold.

All in or Fold.

Pokeking China is one of the most popular Asian apps. Now this poker room is second only to Pokermaster in terms of the number of games. As in most Asian poker rooms, the game here goes to the Chinese yuan (1 USD = 6.9 CNY).

Basically, there are 8 max hold’em tables and 4 max tables at Short Deck Holdem. The best time to play is the evening on Chinese time. During these hours, 50-60 active tables at various limits are collected here.

 ALL in or Fold games at Pokerking China

The main difference with this type of poker is that at the AoF tables you make a buyin of just 8 big blinds. In this situation, you have only two options for the game Push or Fold. Due to this, weak recreational players who want to get a large amount of action gather at the gaming tables.

Pay attention to the two main features of the AoF games at Pokerking. If after the dealt your stack is less than 8 big blinds, it will automatically refill to 8 BB. In the event that your stack is more than 16 big blinds after the dealt the hand, then the rest of chips will be automatically credited to your account. Thus, in each individual hand, you cannot lose more than 16 big blinds.

Poker♠King is a Chinese poker application for mobile devices.

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