Pokerking launch special cash tables Bomb Pots.

Pokerking Bomb Pots

Pokerking Bomb Pots

In the lobby of online poker room Pokerking appeared special cash tables Bomb Pots. These tables can be found at the all limits of Holdem and Omaha.  Most of the game is similar to the usual mode, but 4 times within an hour at the tables is Bomb Pots.

What is a Bomb Pot?

At the beginning of each Bomb Pots, the position of the button is randomly determined. After that, all participants in the handouts, in addition to the blins, make fixed bets. At 6-max tables everyone bets 4BB and at 9-max tables 2 BB. Then players can`t do anything on the preflop. All players should to watch the flop and after that everybody at the table can continue play like usuall. On regular tables you can also play Bobm pots, but for certain hours. There are chances to play from 1 to 4 hands, or not to play at all.


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