12.08.2016 PokerMania – Team Pro Hunt Race – II (PLO) from 16th August – 10th September



PokerMania – Team Pro Hunt Race – II (PLO) from 16th August – 10th September

Having unearthed some great new talent in the country through our 1st team pro hunt, it is logical for us to get going with the 2nd Race…..

Inviting applications for the same

Eligibility Criteria & terms

Bankroll – Total 75 k given by pokermania ( in 3 phases. 1st Phase (8 days ) – 15k , 2nf Phase (8 days) – 30k , 3rd Phase ( 10 Days) – 30K).

Hands to Complete – 9000 in 26 days ( 2000 + 3000 + 4000) .

Games included – Pot limit Omaha only,

Stakes to Play – * 3/6, 5/10 & 10/20 PLO only – 1st & 2nd Phase / * 5/10 & 10/20 & 25/50 PLO only 3rd Phase,

Rewards Top 2 players ( with the Highest BankRoll Balance) who have comleted 9000 hands will be selected as the New PoKerMania Team PROs, Rest of the players who have completed 9000 Hands get a Bonus Bankroll of 50% of their closing BankRoll Balance to play on PokerMania, which they can redeem after earning 5% (of the Bonus Balance) VIP Points. PokerMania keeps the balance 50 % of your closing balance. For eg if you have a Closing Balance of 70000 INR on 15th August, PokerMania takes 35000 INR. You get a Bonus BR of 35000 INR afresh from 20th August to play on PokerMania, which you can redeem after earning 1750 VIP Points from 15th August .

  • Interested Players may apply to [email protected] with `Subject; TEAM PRO HUNT IT` in the below format/

  • * Your Full Name * Yout PokerMania ID * Your Mobile number * Poker Background & Achievements * Pokerstars ID (If you have one) * One Reason Why you should be selected as PokerMania Team Pro.

  • Entries will be accepted till 7 pm – 19th August .

  • 2nd & 3rd Phase Bankroll for the selection challlenge shall be issued after the analysis of the play of the 1st phase BR.

    The decision of our Tech Team will be final & no claims or correspondence will be entertained in this issue.

  • PokerMania reserves the right to selection of a player & communication will be encouraged challenging the same.

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