(01.06.2019) Pokermaster launched alliance coin system.


Few weeks ago online poker platform Pokermaster launched the alliance coin system. The basic principle of this system is that in each club that uses an alliance coin there will be a separate balance of chips. This balance will in fact be your real bankroll.

How it works?

Recall that earlier Pokermaster used play money coins, and your profit was considered based on the results of your sessions. Players had to wait until the results were updated to check their profit. However, now on the new alliance coin system, players see their balance immediately after closing the table.

Balance of chips is displayed directly in the club.

Alliance coin

Alliance coin

Also from the minuses of the old game system, on conditional chips, it can be noted that each player received a certain credit for the account. This system was far from ideal, and players often had the problem of buy-ins at the tables. Thanks to the new alliance coin system, players can easily make a buyin like losing more alliance coins than they can on their accounts.

At the moment, many clubs have already switched to the new alliance coin system. Of the minuses, we can note the fact that now if a player wants to play in several clubs, he will need to make a deposit at each of this clubs. In general, this system is a good innovation, and the basic principle of its operation is similar to how clubs work in the PPPoker application.

If you are interested and you want to playing at Pokermaster clubs that use an alliance coin, contact us via Skype or email.


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