The currents state of public and common poker rooms is drastic. Pokerstars are about to cancel rakeback while 888 and Party Poker block accounts for using statistical software and bot usage. It all was a steady downfall for big poker rooms.

Regular continue to play stronger while fishes are not, bots came up as well. The level of difference between fishes and regulars grew that big, the recreational player now can’t even have a winning session new. The stream of new money to the poker rooms disappears fast and the people steadily get to know the marketing truth – poker rooms don’t need just some stream of players, they need stream of fish. Namely, the traffic of players who are ready to invest money to the game, not just generate the rake. The main value are now recreational players and people who can involve players to the game. The phrase “they played around some businessman” became common now.

That way POKERMASTER got onto the stage



Major facts:

  1. The room doesn’t have traditional rake. After one wins the pot, he receives as much chips, as the pot had.
  2. In order to participate in a game one has to know the person who organizes the play. Should you just download software and create an account – you won’t see any action at all.
    3. All the tables are active during the playing session: 3 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, e.t.c. OF you joined the table and won – it would be rude to leave right away. Should you do that several times, the host can disallow you to join the table next time.
  3. The room takes the fee once in the end of the session of 5% of total winnings, that means the rake is significantly lower than in traditional poker rooms.
  4. We offer the accounts for play at stakes nl200 to nl20K (PLO as well) with an access to seven leading clubs.

What are the stats of our players? This is personal, but let us say that five people or so won about 60 thousand during the month and a half.

Play and win!




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