Another great month for PokerMaster, Pokerlord is 5 out of 5, unique clubs at ppp


One more cool month at the pokermaster, pokerlords at 5\5, unique poker clubs on ppp.

pokermaster teamplay

Golden Week in China – amounts of winnings are 7-digit

In the end of the month, Golden Week took place in China, and offline play tripled, so that positively showed in traffic of PokerMaster. We’ve set an absolute record on the number of sessions and amount of money won – our players got 7-digit winnings.

Обзор PokerMaster
  • Desent fish
  • Above average quality of games
  • Social, recreational player focused
You can read more in our PokerMaster

PokerMaster started to fight with team play

Another good news in that PokerMaster started to confront teamplay. We’ve got several serious warnings (half of them were based on facts, the others were guesses). Vast majority of our players managed to save their money with our help.

I will explain why teamplay confrontation is important for everyone. Let’s start with something far from it. How does PokerMaster work in the first place? What moves the chains? Of course, it all started with weak and rich players, Action players. So, PokerMaster has the best field in the world as clubs bosses are great in attracting them to play. And they fucking (sorry) hate  teams of pros that do softplay (as minimum) towards each other and rip off money bringers with super speed. As a result, club boss who did a great job attracting fish doesn’t get anything as rake is minimal. well, use your brain, guys! We gave enough teamplay hands from Russian players to complain on not that fair Chinese players!

We could claim that up to stakes of 25-50 these hands are almost non-existent so players at middle stakes can participate in those games without having any second guesses.


New poker rooms in 2017

PokerLords grew

Pokerlords made a sufficient growth, there is a relatively low traffic with only 15 tables at stakes of 5-10 CNY or higher, but they play great. There are deep stacks who act aggressively with huge numbers of fish.

New poker room — PPPoker

After making a long check we are ready to begin our full-scale work with PPP (PPPoker) as we have 4 operating clubs and guarantee all the money in it. Stakes selection varies from NL100 to NL2K. Don’t forget that PPP has rakeback!

Pokermaster — это эксклюзивный покер рум, с большим количеством дорогой кеш игры.

Pokerlords – мобильное приложение с доступом в закрытые клубам с хорошим экшеном за столами.

PPPOKER — мобильное приложение для игры в покер, которое доступно абсолютно для всех игроков. Чтобы получить допуск к играм на реальные деньги, здесь используется система условных (playmoney) фишек


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