Super secret clubs at Pokerrr2 app


Pokerrr2 is one of the huge number of mobile poker applications. The platform works on the principle of a club system, where anyone can create their own club, invite their friends to play their favorite card games together. There are also a huge number of private and public clubs in which players can find a suitable place for themselves.



Super secret clubs at Pokerrr2 app.

At the moment, our site Asia-poker has access to closed clubs in the Pokerrrr2 application. It is worth noting that these clubs do not have a lot of action, and the main action takes place in the evening European time. The main advantage of playing in these clubs is the presence of a large number of weak players.

Pokerrr2 clubs offer Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha 5 Cards, OFC Chinese Poker, and heads-up tables. Players also have the opportunity to request new tables to be opened, which is also quite a significant advantage.

If you want to start playing at Pokerrr2 clubs, then you need to contact our manager via skype or telegram.




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