Pokertime: a subjective impression of the poker room.


New Chinese apps are always a certain level of risk and a rather cold attitude on the part of most of the players who prefer proven but less profitable poker rooms. We have prepared a subjective impression of the new Chinese app Pokertime, which we have been working with for the past months.



Pokertime: general impression.

We started working with the poker room in early November 2019. In such a short time this Chinese app has proved to be a good one. If you don’t pay attention to the small age of this poker room, Pokertime is one of the leaders in the Chinese app market.

The pros and cons of a poker room: 

+ The main advantage of this poker room is that it has a direct cashier. We have already described this poker room in more detail in our review and the possibilities and ways of deposit/cashout.

+ A large number of recreational players at medium and high limits. After 2 months, the traffic in the poker room has increased and continues to grow. You can find the game at any time of day and night.

+ The Pokertime Security Team regularly monitors the gaming tables for timeplay. All players who play unfairly are blocked. The checking procedure is fairly fast.

– The downsides include minor software bugs, but the client is actively updating and fixing all the bugs.

Who will Pokertime be suitable for?

Pokertime is one of the best deals on the Chinese app market. It’s easy to create an account, make a deposit and start playing. Weak lineups at the tables and a large number of games make this poker room a pretty profitable place to play.

If you want to start playing Pokertime then you should contact our manager via Skype or by email .


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