Pokertime is asian poker room with alot of cash tables up to NL 1.4K


Pokertime is an Asian poker room where you can play with Asian recreational players. Over the last few months the poker room has proven to be a good place to play. It still has a rather weak players at the tables. Let’s look at the reasons why it is worth playing in this poker room in April 2020.



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Pokertime is a great place to play at low, medium and high limits. At the tables you will find a rather weak recreational players from Asian countries. The game is played here in Chinese Yuan, just like in most similar poker rooms.

Recently, the traffic in this poker room has increased significantly. During the day there are 150-170 active tables at Hold’em, with limits from 1/2(4) to 50/100/200(50). In addition to the classic NLH tables, there are short deck tables with limits of 1 to 50 yuan.

Signing up for Pokertime is easy. If you want to start playing in this room, you should to contact our manager via Skype, Telegram or by email.

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