Heads-up battle beetween Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu will be at WSOP.com


Finally, the date of the forthcoming heads-up battle between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu became known. Poker fans for several months have been waiting for this battle of two super professionals. And it all began, as it often happens with a fight on Twitter. At one point, Doug offered Daniel a heads-up to finally determine which of them is the best player at the moment. To the surprise of many, Negreanu accepted the challenge, despite the fact that a few years ago Doug Polk was the best heads-up player in the world.

heads-up battle

heads-up battle

 Heads-up Battle conditions

At the moment, players have decided that their Heads-up battles will begin on November 1 and will be held at WSOP.com. Before the confrontation, both players want to practice in HU tables on wsop.com, and are going to request the creation of tables without rake. At the moment, the basic conditions of the upcoming battle look like this:

1) Distance is 25000 hands. The player has the right to surrender at a distance of 12500 hands. Players can also increase their stakes after 12500 hands.
2) Limits. Two heads-up tables $200/$400.
3) Start stacks of 100 BB with auto top up.
4) Poker Room – WSOP.com.
5) Start date – November 1.

As it became known, there is now a discussion about broadcasting this battle. Daniel Negreanu refused to broadcast the match with open cards, arguing that his opponent will receive additional information, which will give him a certain advantage.

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