Potato poker

Potato poker


Network: Independent
Country: China
License: No
Deposit/Cash out methods: via agent
Cash out terms: Amounts of  $1k or less are withdrawn instantly online, up to 5k – within 24 hours, 5k or more – within 72 hours.
Basic stakes: 0,25-0,5$ to 3-6$ NL Hold’em
Software quality: 7 out of 10 ( Desktop, IOS. Android)
Play available: 24/7.
Accounts created: via agent
Link: Andtoid, IOS.

Potato Poker is the one of the latest Chinese app.  It uses the very same structure  by another asian application like Pokermaster and Pokerlords (Molly games), where is players enter clubs to gain access to the poker tables. The Potato poker is availible for IOS and android and is fully compatible for emulator android.

The main pool of Potato Poker players concist of giant Asian market players, and all games there are played in Chinese Renmunbi (1 USD = 6.7CNY). All the action here goes at the No limit Holdem tables. Most of all tables has recreational players. There is practically no regular players at this time.

Traffic. The best time to play at Potato Poker is China evening. During these hours, the most tables are open. At each table you can find 2-3 recreational players.

Potato Poker Lobby

Potato Poker Lobby

Limits. The bulk of traffic comes from 8-max NLH tables . For now, the most popular tables at the limits of 2/4 – 5/10 cny. At peak hours, up to 20 tables are collected here. More expensive limits, hopefully  will begin to open in the near future.

Soft. Potato Poker client has a classic interface for Chinese applications. However, now only the Chinese version of the application is presented.

The main menu is made in a similar style for mobile rooms. Here you can view your game statistics, adjust the filter for the limits you are interested in.

Potato Poker tables

Potato Poker tables

For those players who have already played in Chinese poker rooms, it will be easy to adjust to the game at the Potato Poker tables. But for beginners, a fairly simple functional poker room will not cause difficulties in use. At the cash tables there is the possibility of changing the deck to four-color, and you can also change the color of the table. As with all Chinese applications, Potato Poker has quite a convenient bet slider.

This poker room does not support the program for collecting statistics.


Playing in little-known poker rooms is quite profitable. A small number of regular players as well as recreational players make Potato Poker an attractive place for grind. This poker room is suitable for players of low and medium limits.

If you want to start playing in this application, then you can contact to our managers via Skype or by email. We will be glad to help you!



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