PPP – full throttle ahead! For those who cared about NL600 at PokerMaster!


We had uneasy negotiations and flew some places but got us 2 PPP clubs which could be called the fishiest tanks online for the players of low stakes (up to NL400 – with everything higher being better at PokerMaster).

So let us present:

Club number 1 – India

1,300 people – up to 15 tables in the evenings with real Indian players nicknamed Manish, Tandutinaits, Rockfish etc. The level of play shocks. In a good way. 1 chip is 50 rupee with stakes up to 10-20 (deep stack) (That is 8-16 dollars).

Club number 2 – Malaysia+China.

400 people with super nice stakes up to NL300. 10 fishes 3 dollar worth.

We also pay out rakeback. Welcome to all of you. Withdrawal fees are minimal with only amount taken to cover conversion of local currencies to Skrill or BitCoin.

Club number 2 – Poker League 2

At the moment, at this club registered about 300 people. The main pool consists of players from the Philippines and Malaysia. Here you will have the opportunity to play both in NLH and PLO. Well, as without HU tables.

As for the limits, 1 chip is equivalent to 10 Filipino peso. And the game can be found here up to 25/50. Thus, we get the possibility of playing up to NL1K $.

Don’t forget of Pokerlords as well! But we mainly pitch PPP here!


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