PPPoker platform introducing new game 3-1 NL Holdem.

3-1 NLH

3-1 NLH

In 2020, poker roms are fighting fiercely to attract and retain players. One of the ways to attract is to add new types of poker. Some time ago, the PPPoker application included tables on a new game – 3-1 Holdem. For regular players, such innovations are interesting because new games attract a large number of weak players, which can give additional profit to players who will adjust more quickly.

How to play 3-1 NLH ?

3-1 NLH is a classic NLH, but with one significant difference. Each player receives 3 cards and discard one on the preflop. According to the developers, this feature can completely change the approach and strategy in the game. At the moment PPPoker is the only place where you can play this format of poker.

The rules of the game are quite simple. Everything is the same as in an ordinary Hold’em. On the preflop each player gets 3 cards. Then all participants will have 7 seconds to discard one card. During the hand, the system recommends dropping one card. The player must click on the card to and confirm the action with the “Discard” button. If, for some reason, you don’t have time to dismis the card, the system will automatically dismis the card it thinks is the weakest.

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