PPPoker is one of the new-wave Asian online poker operators on the market.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Sergey and I would like to tell you about how three years ago the idea of ​​club poker completely changed the Asian poker market. This is touched me personally and also all the poker markets of the world.

How does a standard poker application like Pokerstars or Partypoker work? There is a huge network of players (at peak times there were previously up to 300 thousand people online, now there are about 100 thousand) and all of them are in no way limited to the ability to play with each other. At the dawn of online poker, this model paid off, one of the first rooms was Planet Poker, I personally played there already in 2000.

So once looked like the world’s largest poker site:

Planet Poker

Planet Poker

It is rumored that Daniel Negreanu began his journey as a co-owner with this room. The idea to collect a lot of players in one place and give them 24/7 action received the warm approval of users. The key slogan of online poker at the time: “In poker, everyone is equal, if you have money, welcome to the table.”

The years went by, opened, closed and continued to operate such rooms as Pokerstars, Partypoker, Fulltil, Ultimatebet. I must say that for the Asian market, in view of the prohibitions and in general much later appearance of the Internet all these booms have passed by. Chinese, Indians and other residents of Asian countries will known about online poker only in 2008. But even that is not completely the economy of these countries is closed and it does not matter if you have money or not you can`t make a deposit in the poker room. For centuries, the government has been blocking credit card payments there for the purpose of gambling.

Solution was found about 3-4 years ago, when the Malaysian-Singaporean company PPPoker advanced club online poker to the market and offered bitcoin settlements. What was its revolutionary nature and who were the clients of this software? Initially, customers were bookmakers, regulars of underground poker clubs and casino players.



The poker client was created in such a way that anyone could create their own “Club” and invite their friends to play poker. So you want to play with friends? Login via Facebook or Google account, press three buttons to create your club, invite friends and voila! After 15 minutes you can start play! Since entering the market in 2016, PPPoker has grown to more than 500 and about 100 active clubs.

You can find a list of active clubs here andwell in the next article I will tell you in more detail how you can play them. Or if you want to start playing at PPPoker please contact us via Skype or email.


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