Mobile poker app PPPoker celebrate 6TH Anniversary.


One of the main mobile poker app PPPoker is celebrating its 6th anniversary. During the period of its work, this platform has proven itself in the best way. Tens of thousands of players around the world play here every day.

PPPoker 6 Years

PPPoker 6 Years

PPPoker April 2022

PPPoker is a poker platform that allows players to create their own poker clubs, as well as join these clubs into alliances. Such a system made it possible to form a huge pool of players around the world. Over the past 6 years, PPPoker has become one of the leaders in the mobile app market. The number of players who play daily on the PPPoker platform is in the tens of thousands, and the number of registered users is in the millions.

Asia-poker website provides access to PPPoker private clubs, where you can find almost all types of games from No Limit Hold’em to OFC Chinese Poker. To apply, you need to write to our manager via Skype or Telegram. We will provide a list of available deals, as well as help you find the right club.

Playing from Asia-poker you will receive a guarantee of the safety of the deposit, as well as a high rakeback. Our consultant will help you set up the software and answer all your questions. In addition to this, we provide the ability to transfer chips between clubs.




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