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PPPoker clubs

PPPoker clubs

PPPoker clubs provide an opportunity for playing poker in a very soft games. PPPoker is a very popular poker platform. This application is created specifically for amateur players. Due to this fact, regular player will get a good action at low, medium and high limits.

Current PPPoker Clubs:

Alliance Poker Heroes (Thailand).

This alliance availible up to 80 active tables. You can find here alot of Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and also OFC tables. Most of this tables you can find 2-3 weak recreational players. The main pool consists of residents from Asian countries. Main currency of the Poker Heroes alliance is philippine peso (1 chip = 15 PHP). 

Alliance 10 Bath (Thailand).

At this club available from 10 to 40 active tables. The number of games depends on the time of day. Starting from 20-00 Beijing time here you can find 2-3 tables with recreational players. This poker room will be interesting for players Pot Omaha limit and OFC Chinese poker. Currency of this club is philippine peso (1 chip = 15 PHP).

Alliance Sands Premier (Philippines).

One of the best alliances to play at PPPoker clubs. The bulk of the traffic is made up of players lovers from Asian countries. Up to 50 active tables during the day. Club Sands Premier chip rate is 1 coin = 10 phillipine pesso. Very good Pot-Limit Omaha games, as well as OFC Chinese poker.

IPF Alliance (India).

This alliance doesn`t have No Limit Hold’em tables. This club is perfect for players who play Omaha at medium and high stakes, as well as for players of Chinese poker. The club regularly opens 2-3 tables on each limit starting from PL200 $ and up to PL5K $. At peak hours, up to 40 tables are open here. There are 5 card Omaha also. The game currency of this club is Indian Rupees (1 chip = 75 rupees).

Alliance Check raise (India).

Indian poorly known alliance. First of all, there are few regular players in this club. Due to this, playing in a club is quite profitable. Club currency is indian ruppes, 1 chip is only 5 rupees (~ $ 0.07). The club is perfect for players of low and medium limits. In this PPPoker club, up to 40 tables are opened, the main part of which is represented by the Pot Limit Omaha tables. Here you can find a good action at the limits from PL70 $ to PL350 $. Also in the club open from 5 to 10 tables on Chinese poker.

Alliance Kingmaker (India).

Another, Indian alliance which is little known to the general public. During the day, the club can open up to 40 tables. Most of all games is played at the Omaha tables, but there is also Chinese poker. The cost of one chip in the club KingMaker is 10 Indian rupees. If you are a mid-limit player, then you should pay attention to this club.

Alliance Sunshine (USA).

American club with a large number of recreational players from North America. The club has a lot of tables available on No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. The whole game in the Sunshine Alliance Club is held in USD, which means that 1 chip equals $ 1.

New PPPoker Clubs:

NEW! Club Ten-Three Off (Philippines).

One of the new PPPoker clubs. The game currency of this club is the Philippine pesso (1 chip = 50 PHP). A lot of tables in Omaha and OFC Chinese poker. During the day, players are available up to 40 tables.

NEW! Club Metropoliatan (Brazil). 

Added Brazilian club PPPoker with good traffic. The main limits for the Holdem game are from NL10 to NL200 / PLO – from PL10 to PL750. A lot of PLO including 5 card Omaha. They are playing Brazilian Reals here (1 chip = 1 Brazilian real).

NEW! Club Viper Poker 2 (Australia).

New Australian PPPoker club with a lot of game and good action at the tables. Here you can play No-Limit Hold’em, PLO and Chinese Poker. The club’s currency is the Australian dollar (1 chip = 1 Australian dollar).

NEW! Club Good Vibes.

Little known private club. There are not so many players in this club as in other clubs, and during the day up to 10 tables are opened here. As the owners say, the game at this club is very good. Mostly here open tables on Omaha. If you are interested playing in exclusive compositions at medium and high limits, then most likely you should pay attention to this club. The cost of one chip in the club Good Vibes is 1 dirham (~ $ 0.27).

PPPOKER is a mobile poker application that is absolutely accessible to all players. To get access to real money games, a system of conditional (playmoney) chips is used here.

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